Assessing the Right California Luxury Rehab Center

Luxury Rehab, a term that is completely misunderstood by many people, needs to be reassessed as a commodity available to all. It has been mislabeled as a high-end luxury hotel which can only cater to red carpet celebrities. However, these facilities are not made with only those people in mind; they are created for anyone that needs help to recover in a comfortable environment from addiction.

Before moving further, one must be clear about their needs that should be fulfilled by the facility. It should be clear whether you need a drug rehab or an alcohol rehab, or any other rehabilitation programs. The choice of the availability of the staff and professional members of the facility should be ensured beforehand. Regardless of the price of the program, the facility that you should prefer is one with considerably reputable reviews. Three things must be kept in mind while looking for a Luxury Rehab.

  1. Location

The location of the facility could drastically improve or worsen your mood during the program, so it should be chosen wisely. A mountain setting would offer beautiful scenery while a beach would offer a more peaceful setting. It all depends on your preference and comfort. The location of the facility should reflect on to your personal needs.

  1. Amenities

It is important to know whether your chosen facility offers amenities with the programs presented.  Some centers can provide a variety of things such as private baths, a large menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner which included organic, ethnic, vegan, or internet access under limited time to relieve stress. Some luxury rehab centers also offer personal or individual care that includes grooming and spa facilities.

  1. Activities

The most important thing to note before choosing a luxury rehab is the type of activity they join with their programs. Outdoor activities will keep the body active while indoor exercises will keep the mind healthy. They may also add recreational activities to relieve stress such as swimming and horseback writing. These activities are added to the programs to distract the patient from feeling gloomy or depressed. You can find this information by calling the center.

Luxury rehab centers also differ in their programs or the amount of addiction treatment they offer. They may only offer very little treatment for those who just want to get away from the stress of work. These centers, more or less, catch the eye of celebrities for a getaway vacation. For a more severe setting that caters to the need of serious addictive behavior, you may want to look at the program provided beforehand. Some of the treatments that a professional center would offer are listed below

Detoxification Service: It focuses on soothing the withdrawal symptoms of a chemical drug. It can range from severe to mild, which may or may not requires regular counseling sessions. A majority of the patients, due to the severity of the addiction, suffer from spinoff disorder. It stems from long time use of recreational drugs, the abuse of such may cause depression, insomnia, or other mental disorders. The staff should be able to handle each and every diagnosis of the patient.

Therapy Programs: One of the important parts of a rehab program is the one-on-one or the therapy group sessions. In this program, the patient mentally accepts his/or her ailment and moves positively along to an everlasting recovery.

Aftercare Plan: Follow-up care is a crucial part of the recovery program. A luxury rehab will offer the 12-step program which will constitute of regular meetings and sessions that will help them move back to their normal lifestyle. Some rehab centers may offer more programs so make sure to look them up during the information gathering.

To gather as much as information as possible for the best luxury rehab program, it is best to contact the facility directly to find out more.


Celebrity Preferred Extravagant Luxury Rehab Centers

Many luxury rehab centers are the focus of the rich and famous. They frequently visit these facilities as a kind of getaway home from the stress of their work. Celebrities like Matthew Perry, Lindsey Lohan, Whitney Houston, and Andy Dick are most renowned for living such a private residence which gives them luxury as well as relieves stress. The popularity of the Passages Malibu has been gained through these frequent visits. A large amount of these luxury rehabs are in the west near the Hollywood. Some high-end luxury rehabs are located in the east such as The Dunes. Others are renown due to brand names and celebrity focus like Passages Malibu and The Betty Ford Clinic. Here are some of the luxury rehab centers known for the frequent activity of celebrities.

  • Betty Ford Clinic, Calif.

This over-the-top and one the most luxurious rehab center is located in the Rancho Mirage in Calif. It gathers clients and collectively takes them on, the clients split the monthly payment of $26,000 among themselves.  A large number of celebrities have visited this luxury rehab center; it treats them like any other client and makes them feel at home. This means they even have to do their chores around the center. This distracts their mind from roaming to other negative activities or drugs. The celebrities which visited this luxury rehab center are Alice Cooper, Billy Joel, Ozzy Osbourne, Keith Urban, Elizabeth Taylor, Johnny Cash, David Hasselhoff, Chevy Chase, Jerry Lee Lewis, Stevie Nicks, Bobby Brown, and Liza Minelli.

  • The Dunes, New York.

The Dune is located in East Hampton; it is surrounded by lush greenery which creates a calm and serene atmosphere for the clients. Clients are often recommended to stay for the 90 day period to experience the full recovery treatment that is provided in the center, which costs around $105,000. Its extravagance is noted due to the many of amenities it has to offer. Other than the treatment which it provides to the patient, it also offers spa treatment, swimming lessons, a gymnasium, massage treatment, internet connection, a personal trainer, a tennis court, and nutritional meals in accordance to your preference.

  • Passages, Calif.

Passages Malibu is one of the most renown and appealing luxury rehab home in Calif. It is beautifully designed to accommodate to the comfort of the client. The most basic program for drug rehabilitation costs $1300, the time length for this program is 30 days. It offers many amenities along with some approaches to deal with drug dependency of the patient. It exclusively offers the stay of maximum 1 guests at a time in the house. It offers a library, a juice bar, private rooms, a chef’s kitchen, a media room, and a gymnasium. The celebrities that have visited this center are Andy Dick, Stephen Baldwin, Mel Gibson, Natasha Lyonne, and David Hasselhoff.

  • Crossroads, Antigua.

This center is beautifully modeled to look inviting to its clients; the house looks warm and inviting to the patient so feel serene during this visit. The staff recommends a 4-week inpatient program that costs about $24,500. It beautifully located at the beachfront and focuses on the spiritual healing of the patients. It uses meditative treatment and yoga classes in-between the drug rehab programs. Some of the celebrities that have visited this luxury rehab are Whitney Houston, Britney Spears, Billy Joel, and Colin Farrell.

  • Silver Hill Hospital, Conn.

This luxury rehab home is located in the New Canaan with acres of forested land surrounding it. The land gives beautiful scenery and gives a large space for the client to relax and roam. The cost for depends upon the number of days you stay, it costs $1,200 per day. The land is connected to the hills of Connecticut, so clients are often encouraged to roam outside. The celebrities that have visited this luxury rehab are Billy Joel, Truman Capote, Nick Nolte, Liza Minnelli, and Mariah Carey.

Choosing the Right Luxury Rehab-All You Need To Know About Your Luxury Rehab

Are you struggling to overcome your drug addiction? Do you want to revert to a life that is clean, healthy and progressive? A luxury rehab center is what you need!  Fortunately, there is a plethora of all-purpose facilities that can help you conquer drug and alcohol addictions. You may even find a program that specializes in the treatment of addiction to the specific drug you’re struggling with.

Lets face it: substance abuse is an absolute nuisance If due to any cause, you have indulged into drugs, it is the right time for you to cleanse your life of these harmful chemicals. Not only will it allow you a more peaceful, satisfied life but will also let your family glean vicarious pleasure from your healthy life.

Though the withdrawal process may seem intimidating at first, your endurance and determination will certainly rid you of your addiction. However, as much as your conviction may matter, it is mandatory to select a luxury rehab that matches your specific needs wisely. You do not have to get the treatment in just any facility; you can always opt for help for drug abuse at a Luxury Drug Rehab.

Now, you might be wondering why you would spend extra money on a fancy drug rehab while traditional rehabs seem to work just fine. Well, Luxury Drug Rehabs offer you an extensive array of options that are far beyond the scope of traditional treatment approaches to drug abuse and are specially crafted to give you mental peace and physical strength. And you can play Football or Volleyball while you’re undergoing treatment! Recreation is an indispensable essence of the luxury rehabs’ treatment programs.

Privacy in a luxury rehab program

Worried about keeping the particulars of your treatment confidential? At luxury rehabs, you can ensure that all the details regarding your visits and treatment specifications are kept entirely confidential.

Luxury drug rehab approaches

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, an effective treatment approach to drug abuse includes medication and behavioral therapy. However, in the pursuit of eliminating drug dependency altogether, Luxury Drug Rehabs incorporate complementary, alternative and integrated medical practices into your treatment program

Natural products

At Luxury drug rehabs, your treatment is done the healthy way! During your stay at a luxury rehab, you’ll be given supreme quality, beneficial dietary supplements to help you overcome your addiction while receiving behavioral therapy and medication treatment.


This traditional, Asian practice of healing realigns pressure points within the body through the use of a thin needle inserted through the skin.

Massage and movement therapies

A massage therapist will work out the tension in your joints, muscles and help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Pilates is one of the most widely known movement therapies available, focusing on improving strength, coordination and capability to ensure relief from stressful muscle tetany.

Factors to be considered while choosing your luxury drug rehab

  • Your personal need- select a luxury drug rehab that best caters to your specific needs. The majority of luxury rehabs offer tailored programs specially designed to suit your learning and endurance. So, choose the rehab offering the most suitable treatment programs.
  • Distance- depending on where you live, distance from home to the luxury rehab center will be a huge obstacle to getting regular check-ups and proper treatment. Thus, it’s important to take the bigger picture into account when planning a solid addiction rehabilitation strategy. Ensure that you are close enough to your outpatient luxury drug rehab center so that distance doesn’t hinder your treatment.
  • Flexibility-flexibility is essential as flexible programs are capable of evolving as the treatment needs change. The luxury drug rehab center you choose should be offering treatments that are diverse, so that if your body does not respond to one treatment, they can quickly revert to another one.
  • Support-without proper support, you’re left on your own to deal with temptation, withdrawals and numerous other pitfalls you may encounter while struggling with addiction. The luxury rehab center needs to offer around-the-clock support for all patients seeking treatment.
  • Cost-the cost of the whole treatment program is a major issue faced by a vast majority of individuals interested in joining a luxury rehab center. However, the good news is that outpatient clinics cost far less than residential addiction treatment programs. If the costs of various outpatient drug rehab centers seem too high for you to afford, consider asking if there are any resources available to help cover some of the expenses of the treatment.

It might seem arduous to find the best luxury drug rehab center in your area, but the reward of finding the right one is a life free of drugs. That’s worth some extra hard work, isn’t it?

Expensive Drug Rehab Facilities- Is The Price Justified?

Imagine you’re housed in a white chateau which stands magnificently on opulent grounds, giving you the best seaside view ever and having sumptuous meals complimented with mesmerizing instrumental music? Well, join a luxury drug rehab center to experience the ultimate experience of withdrawal in the most convenient and pleasant way, because luxury rehab centers are all about luxury coupled with the affective methodology. However, you may infer from the name that these rehabs can only be afforded by the affluent as all luxuries come with a high cost.

While luxury rehab centers may cost a bit more than traditional rehabs, the extra money is worth the experience. Though, Luxury rehab treatment programs provide real care that’s similar to those offered at other addiction facilities, the designer amenities and the upkeep of an outstanding treatment facility raises the cost if the treatment. According to an analysis carried out by the Forbes’ Magazine, luxury rehab centers can cost as much as $40,000 per month

The cost may seem unfairly high, yet the best luxury rehab centers are designed to cater each individual’s specific requirements using a holistic approach to treatment. These rehabs feature a customized program based on each patient’s needs. A vast majority of people foster the false impression that joining a rehab would deprive them of all the fun and recreation of their life.

However, at a luxury drug rehab center, recreation constitutes an indispensable part of the treatment, and individuals are allowed to indulge in all the activities they want to, such as playing Football and soccer. Moreover, gourmet meals, fitness facilities, various recreational activities, large and comfortable bedrooms and living rooms and resort-like environments entirely justify the high cost.

The clinical expertise of luxury drug rehab

The top rated luxury rehab programs are a combination of the facilities mentioned above with the best clinical treatment. They expert professionals are expected to give detailed attention to each patient, ensuring that their personal needs are fully met. This gives the patients the best chance to achieve a successful, long lasting recovery from drugs. The holistic addiction recovery treatments are tailored to each’s unique needs and circumstances.

Along with medical detox and therapy, other services offered at luxury rehab centers include:

  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Behavioral disorder treatment
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Polyvagal theory and trauma-informed care
  • Yoga, massage, and acupuncture
  • Equine therapy
  • Watsu
  • Family therapy

So, the basic purpose of luxury rehab centers is to provide you with the state-of-the-art care in comfortable surroundings in addition to the pitch perfect medical treatment.

Luxury rehab centers-the right choice?

Here are just some of the reasons why it might be better for you to opt for a luxury rehab facility:

  • You will have all the resources to build a great life.
  • You will have more individual time with the therapists.
  • You will benefit from the help from the top recovery professionals.
  • A luxury rehab center provides you just the right environment for your recovery.

Luxury rehab is an investment in your future

Although luxury drug rehab facilities are more expensive than regular ones, they are a sure investment in your future. Drug dependency is not something you would have wanted for yourself when you hadn’t acquired the habit and is surely not something you would want to carry on the rest of your life. So, initially the amount may seem huge, it is for your betterment, and may even seem trivial in the long run.

However, be aware of all those luxury rehabs who claim hasty recovery. Your body needs time to conquer its drug dependency, so allow it the right time!